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    • 14 Oct 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Zoom - registration link will follow
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    In business environments how leaders think is as important as what they do and employers are seeking talent who can foster innovation. However, the entrepreneurial mindset isn't always the right fit for an organization's culture. We'll explore what the entrepreneurial mindset is and how to support those brought into the organization to think and act this way.

    OD practitioners are working alongside individuals and organizations that recognize the struggle for talent in today's post-pandemic world.  As we work to coach and create environments that support innovative and creative solutions, we will discuss the prevailing thoughts from MIT, Babson, and other practitioners and learn how cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset can become a competitive advantage.

    Learning objectives

    • Explore the entrepreneurial mindset and learn why it is a must-have in your organization
    • Understand the relationship between entrepreneurial mindset and resilience
    • Discover the keys to creating an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial culture

    About the Facilitator

    Christy Maxfield, MBA is the owner and President of Purpose First Advisors, a business consulting firm that helps clients identify and prioritize business strategies and tactics, make mission-critical business decisions, and adopt fundamental business practices designed to achieve revenue and profitability goals. She brings a decade of business coaching, as well as her own experience as a business owner and nonprofit fundraising professional, to collaborative relationships with founders and leaders who are laser focused on building successful organizations that deliver tremendous value for clients, employees, and the communities in which they operate. Her specialties include market validation, financial modeling, business operations, marketing and sales alignment, business planning and competitive differentiation. 

    Christy co-created and co-hosted the Entrepreneurially Thinking podcast for four years creating more than 200 episodes elevating and celebrating entrepreneurs, particularly women and entrepreneurs of color. She was the inaugural Treasurer of the Forward Through Ferguson Board of Directors. Christy earned her Master’s in Business Administration from Webster University and her Bachelor’s in political science from Montclair State University.

    OD Global Competency Framework: Business Advisor, Informed Consultant

    • 11 Nov 2021
    • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    • Zoom - registration link will follow
    • 92

    Recent events including the killing of George Floyd and significant racial/ethnic disparities in COVID outcomes highlight the need to address the trauma brought on by health and social disparities that disproportionately plague Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) communities. To truly elevate the BIPOC communities, we must invest in community-based organizations (CBOs) that have long served as a trusted and necessary resource for BIPOC families and communities. The proverb of uncertain African origin , “It takes a village to raise a child”, is a commonly used statement that suggests that collective efficacy is key to family success. Building CBOs that serve BIPOC families and communities allows for organizations that have a vested interest to promote community development and collective empowerment for their clients. This includes culturally grounded organizational development strategies for building organizational infrastructure, providing training, supporting and developing BIPOC leadership and advocating for policies and funding that strengthen CBOs that serve BIPOC communities. This session will review our trauma-informed, culturally grounded approach to working with BIPOC service and run CBO's: Do the M.A.T.H.: M: Making Space, A: Appreciative Authentic Culturally-Grounded Inquiry, T: Therapeutic Programming.

    By the end of the session, you will:

    • Create a culturally-grounded, trauma-informed SWOT analysis that can be used in organizational strategic planning.
    • Discover the DEI principles as applied to OD practice: Self-Aware Leader, Equity Advocate, Cross-Cultural Navigator, Strategic Consultant
    • Define trauma informed OD practice
    • Learn three strategies to collaborate with BIPOC serving and run community-based organizations

    About the Facilitator

    Dr Rhonda BeLue is a Professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at St Louis University and Co-President of Visionary Insights LLC consulting company.  Her work focuses on improving health care access and promoting healthy behaviors in families and organizations in black communities in the US and global south. She has dedicated her career to the elimination of health inequities and advocating for social justice.  She takes a holistic approach to advocating for social justice, including community-based participatory research approaches to addressing health disparities and participating and supporting for black, indigenous and diverse cultural arts activities and serving local organizations that serve African American communities.   She has also worked as a local public health practitioner in Nashville, TN where she served as the director of the research and evaluation unit and the liaison between the Nashville Metro Public Health Department and local community and academic institutions.  She has extensive experience in procuring funding for academic and community based organizations and has expertise in evaluating community based programs and interventions.  She holds a master of statistics and a PhD in Policy Analysis & Management from Cornell University and  Graduate Certificates in Organizational Leadership and Development from St. Louis University. 

    Area of focus from the OD Global Competency Framework addressed in this program:  Self-Aware Leader, Equity Advocate, Cross-Cultural Navigator, Strategic Consultant

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